indian head massage

I received several lymphatic massages from Sandra after undergoing Vaser treatment.  These gentle massages seemed to help with the swelling and bruising, and generally help the healing process along”

Other treatments available include

Indian Head Massage

The treatment improves blood flow, stimulates and improves lymphatic drainage, relieves muscle tension, reduces stress levels and creates a balanced feeling. It works well for those people suffering from sinus problems, headaches, migraines, sleep issues, upper back and neck problems. The client is seated during this treatment.

60 minute appointment £45.00

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage is a slow, relaxing treatment that aims to reduce swollen tissues.  This may be due to an injury, a post surgical condition, or other reasons such as long haul flights or a sedentary lifestyle.  It is beneficial for those wishing to detox, for those on a diet as well as helping with cellulite.

60 minute appointment £45.00

Ear Candling
This is a treatment that uses hollow cotton/linen candles for treatment of the ears, through a light, warming action.

Clients report improvements in reducing compacted earwax, a relieving of sinus congestion and an easing of headaches among the many benefits.  It is very relaxing and calming and the treatment includes a mini lymph drainage treatment of the face

60 minute appointment £35


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